Wednesday, July 23, 2008

早幾日Dev Team出左PwnageTool 2俾iPhone 2.0. 暫時iPhone 2G可以unlock + jailbreak OS2.0. 至於iPhone 3G就只可以jailbreak. 我都玩左幾部iPhone 2G, 發覺PwnageTool好容易用, 要upgrade一部機 (包括做個custom firmware)只需要12分鐘. OS 2.0最吸引當然係有得裝official 3rd party apps啦. 建議用開iPhone 2G嘅朋友唔一定要買iPhone 3G, 但就最起碼試吓做依個簡單嘅升級.

另外提提諗住只係用WiFi而又冇data plan嘅朋友, 最好用以下依個方法去disable左個3G/EDGE data. 因為OS 2.0響某D台會自動幫你入晒上網嘅Setting

Step 1 - Go to on your iPhone in safari
Step 2 - Hit next, disable data, install, and finally install now
Step 3 - A profile which disables data will be loaded into your iPhone, test it out, see if you can use data while not on wifi. It won’t work. If you check your usage stats, you won’t have used any data
If you want to get a data plan one day and remove this profile, go to settings, general, profile, then hit remove.

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